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Discere similique in nec, quaeque quaerendum necessitatibus


Blue is the second exhibition by Mouldern Art, with 20 artists responding to the title. The exhibition features a collection of artworks by friends and

Tall Tales of Transparent Things

Lucy Oates, Gwennan Thomas, Leon Pozniakow, Noa Maras, James Middleton, Abbie Davies, Pao-Leng Kung, Yonah Taieb and Héloïse Delègue 5th April 2019 – 6th April


Persona Curada is pleased to present Yulele, a collaborative exhibition of works by Christian Vinck and Pablo Rodriguez Blanco. ‘Yulele’ is an invented word: a

Leo ‘Rise’

Leo ‘Rise’ 20 December – 18 January  

Desire Paths

In June 2018 Genevieve Leavold launched a crowd-funding project to find patrons willing to share an experience and sponsor a painting on the theme of


This is your chance to enter his mis-spent teenage years of note-taking, underlining, sandwich-eating and hangar-entering.The life of a Plane-Spotter. Clearly, this man has issues.


Exposed: the tables are turned and conventional roles are challenged and usurped. The art of sexual politics – a human relationship – brought to life


Static is the second solo exhibition by Jago Boase, featuring new work from the sidelines of deployments to refugee camps across Europe, Africa and Asia.