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A Tiny Bit of Fire

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Focus on Colour of Life

Focus is an international art fair taking place at The Fitzrovia Gallery and Fold Gallery in London this summer. Between 13th July and 4th September weekly exhibitions will run at both venues. Themes of the exhibitions range from colour to chance encounters and emotional response.

Hampstead Art Society Summer Exhibition

Hampstead Art Society’s Summer Exhibition comprises eighty-five paintings selected by a jury from over five hundred submissions by international artists in an open call. With a shared interest in classic genres and observational painting

Memory Matters

Since the first human on our planet decided to apply color onto walls or form figures out of clay, wood or stone, art obtained many

Temporary Satisfaction

Hiroki Ishikawa (b. Japan, 1987) graduated from Goldsmith University with an MFA in Fine Art in 2019. His multidisciplinary practice includes video, performance, installation and


These landscapes are an attempt to make tangible something which cannot be held, drawn from both memories of real places and dreams of those not

Sleeping with the Fishes

– I thought you said Troy McClure was dead – No, what I said was, “he sleeps with the fishes…” Sleeping with the Fishes is

Enter the Golden Quarter

Private view Monday 30th September 6 – 10 pm Tuesday 1st – Wednesday 9th October 12 – 7 pm Corey Whyte’s first solo exhibition; “Enter

John Fitzmaurice: Changes

‘John’s pictures are deft and prismic, welling up out of nowhere, a tiny tornado. They are like him.’ — Humphrey Ocean RA. “I paint from


Henny Acloque, Phillip Allen, Kate Bickmore, Francesca Blomfield, Rachael Champion, Anya Charikov-Mickleburgh, Cecilia Charlton, Michael Coppelov, Chris GilvanCartwright, Erin Hughes, Johnny Izatt-Lowry, Hun Kyu Kim,