Collective Exhibition

26 JUNE – 7 July 


An exhibition of contemporary Indian tribal and folk arts brought to Fitzrovia Gallery by Anrad Gallery and art consultant Monica Colussi


In Praise of Identity brings together the work of fifteen artists living and working in different regions of India, sharing an appreciation for traditional crafts and techniques unique to their region. Known to a western audience almost exclusively through mass-produced copies, the hand-crafted items that make up these local artists’ bodies of work and a small selection of which are on show at Fitzrovia Gallery are genuine expressions of ancestral art forms.


The collection seeks to promote these ancestral art forms, bridging the gap for local artists to showcase their work to an international audience.


Regional traditions represented in the exhibition range from the Rajasthani Pichwais – k  devotional textiles depicting Krishnu, to Bengali Kalighats – a 19th century genre of painting with mythological motifs, and Bihari Madhubanis, a line drawing technique known for its bright colours and patterns. With shared characteristics of divine reverence, ancient story-telling, and direct observation of nature, the works on show demonstrate both India’s collective and regional cultural legacies. Perusing the exhibition with curiosity and patience, the viewer will also be rewarded with a glimpse of the vast and widely varied nation’s soul.

Anuradha Nayar set up Anrad Gallery in 2018 with the ambition to promote traditional arts and crafts of India in the UK. An avid collector of both antiques and contemporary arts, her call to promote traditional art forms and support local artists came after spending substantial time in the country, witnessing the skilful labour watered down over the past decades through mass production.


Several artists since then taken under the wings of Anrad Gallery have received prestigious awards including the Padma Shri and have been exhibited in public institutions in India.


Anrad Gallery has shown at London Asian Art and Anrudah received the Apollo Award for ‘Outstanding Indian & Islamic Work of Art’ in 2023 for her display of a Kalamkari Tree of Life.


Monica Colussi has over twenty years’ experience of staging exhibitions of international artists in commercial galleries and public venues.


For further information on participating artist contact Anuradha Nayar: anuradha@anradgallery.com 


For sales contact Monica Colussi: monicacolussi@me.com