All the same age at different times

Turps Offsite Artist 2022

22-27th March, 9.30-6pm

‘All the same age at different times’ brings together 36 painters currently studying on the Turps Off Site painting programme. Previously strangers, they are brought together by their decision to join a community and share a material focus. In the spirit of Turps, this exhibition provides a window into the concerns of contemporary painters, curated in a way where unique voices and shared concerns each find a place.

Melissa Alley, Kate Bland, Claire Brewster, Stephen Buckeridge, Kate Burnett, Chris Burns, Deborah Burnstone, Julia Burton, Ethan Caflisch, David Caines, Raoul Coombes, Hannah Delahay,  Mari Fujii-Pratt, Lucy Jagger, Sam King, Chloe Le Tissier, Catherine Lette, Jasminka Letzas, Anna Levy, Katrina Lyne-Watt, Lindsay Mapes, Duncan McAfee, Sue McQueen, Jane Morgan, Tom Morgan, Jennifer Morrison, Fay Nicolson, Syd, Vesna Parchet, Veronika Peat, Kathryn Pentecost, Ingrid Petersen, Rosey Prince, Angela Prudom, Anastasia Russa, Caroline Thomson, Mia Vallance.

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