An Overarching Impulse

25th – 30th July 2023; Open daily 12- 6pm ( 30th July, Sun, opens : 12 – 4pm)

Private View 25th July, 6:30 – 9:00pm ( Music, Poetry Reading performance starts : 8pm)


In the ever-evolving world of art, some peoples have the extraordinary ability to translate emotions, and thoughts into captivating works that leave profound marks through various mediums. Among these gifted artists stands Lawrence Mathias, the true polymath whose work delves into his psyche and touches the essence of the moments in an artist’s life.

Drawing inspiration from a myriad of influences, including literature, human connections, and societal complexities, Mathias’s art invites viewers on a journey of self-discovery and reflection. His works are not merely a visual spectacle but a mirror that reflects the emotions and thoughts of the observer, sparking conversations that transcend the boundaries of language.

With an extensive portfolio spanning various mediums such as painting, sculpture, poetry, music, and mixed media, Mathias has cultivated a unique artistic voice that speaks volumes with a rich archive. As an artist who embraces mediums, Mathias continuously seeks new ways to experiment. He fearlessly explores uncharted territories, for example, the newly developedanimation series for this solo exhibition.

In this world of fleeting distractions, art beckons Mathias to pause and find meaning in the chaotic symphony of life. It is an honour to present to you his imagination and witness the profound impact of his art on the human spirit. Join us on this artistic odyssey, as we unravel the captivating world of Lawrence Mathias. — Shizico Yi, Curator. no barking aRt 2023



An Overarching Impulse-

Exploring the Urge to Create

Co-Curated with Shizico Yi

Fitzrovia Gallery,

139 Whitfield Street, W1T 5EN

25th – 30th July

Private View 25th July, 6:30PM


In Artist’s Own words:

The urge to express ourselves and make things that connect to our experience and perception is perhaps one of our most fundamental drives. The world as we live through it can seem an overwhelming welter of sensation – visual, auditory, physical – and the time we take out from its relentless pressures is often one we value for the escape it offers, the simple relaxation of quiet moments.

These moments are among the treasures that our lives afford. For me, my art practice has always filled those moments, even when the art is at its busiest visually. The act of making things has been a kind of yoga to me, a total immersement in the subject and an exploration of its visual potential. At the source of all my work is often a simple pencil, as drawing has been the foundation of much of my approach, but it has often been just a first step in the development of something more expansive and multi-faceted in its final realisation.

The written and spoken word perhaps best chimes with the theme of this show. I started writing poetry some years ago, and poems are the most spontaneous of creations I find myself making. A poem might start with a phrase or a line or a sudden sensation that finds a few words, and then slowly or quickly takes on an independent shape of its own. The lines grow as I move through a day, a few more lines on a tube journey, several more while making breakfast, and sometimes a whole poem in a half-hour walk. Many of these are fairly indifferent pieces of versifying, but occasionally one or two stand out as having potential, and it’s these that can provide material for a video piece or a series of illustrations.

The work in this exhibition is a small selection from a diverse range of work and media made over the years. One of the challenges for Shizico, the curator, was establishing a coherence to my practice, which has slipped between various media ranging from painting to music to ceramics to video. It became clear as we assessed the work that the simple, restless urge to create, and one that embraced the virtuosic challenges of the different media, underpinned many of the images through which we looked. With that in mind, the short animated video bearing the title of the show was made as a kind of summing up of my approach to art and its place in our lives, clarifying, simplifying, amplifying, and solidifying our fleeting daily thoughts and impressions:


So let me grab you and write you

and draw you and play you,

let me express you as fully as full can.



Lawrence Mathias is a British artist based in London and West Wales, and work professionally as a freelance artist, art tutor and art project co-ordinator. He has been a member of various art groups over the years, including No Barking Arts and ArtCan, and exhibit work regularly as well as occasionally help to curate group shows. Mathias exhibited work widely throughout the UK and in Europe, both with ArtCan and in a solo capacity.

Lawrence Mathias studied English at university, which has given him a deep appreciation of literature and an ongoing interest in poetry, but decided to pursue a life in the visual arts shortly after graduating. He learnt how to paint by copying attentively the work of Old Masters, and after reaching a reasonable level of expertise earned a living through commissions and then work in the community arts. This led him into a wide range of experience, with work ranging from mosaics and willow weaving to large street murals. Throughout this time, he continued developing his own practice, and also began showing work regularly at London galleries. In recent years, his experience has enabled him to teach art and ran and devised a number of courses for adult learners both in an online capacity and in actual classes.


Selected Exhibitions:

The Stables Gallery, Highgate, 1997

In Sync Gallery, Clapham, 1999, first solo London Show

Harrow Contemporary Arts (1999-2008), founder member and regular exhibitor, developed into the Harrow Arts Forum

NoBarking Arts, 2013 – present day, regular participant in its group shows, including Truman Gallery Biennale (2013) and shows at the Espaccio Gallery (2013-2016), online and elsewhere.

Hille and Zotova Gallery, Amsterdam, 2016, solo show.

ArtCan, 2015 – present day, including shows at the Mall Gallery (2015), Gallerie CoolPoil, Vienna (2018 and 2022), the London Shard (2019), Breathing Out, international online art show dealing with issues raised by climate change, one of three curators (2022), Auckland Art Institute, New Zealand (2023)