Anna Laurent

Anna Laurent is an award-winning photographer whose work marries a spirit of scientific enquiry with a keen sense of humour. In her series Dispersal, she turns her lens on the under-appreciated world of seeds & seed vessels, transforming familiar species into works of abstract art, yet at the same time offering an insight into these most functional of forms. Born in Boston in 1979, Laurent studied at Harvard University and relocated to Los Angeles in 2008, where she developed her interest in botanical forms. She has had solo exhibitions at Harvard University and UC Berkeley. In February 2017 she was awarded the Royal Photographic Society bronze medal in conjunction with an exhibition at London’s Kew Gardens. 2016 saw the publication of her book The Botanical Wallchart (Octopus Press), an historical study of a hitherto neglected area of botanical art, which has fed back into her photographic work.