Antonio Aprea

Red skull / Tar skull. Mixed media, dimensions vary. Antonio Aprea

Antonio Aprea’s sculptures of skulls are rooted deeply in his Neapolitan heritage. They are created from a rich variety of media, each referring to the impact of humanity’s destructive nature, from deforestation and loss of biodiversity to oil spills, coral bleaching, and extinction of marine life. The symbol of the skull is not representative of the death of an individual, but considers the connection between death and life, relating to society and eco-systems. However, his series Skullptures is not lacking hope, as there is no life without death and no death without life – only transition.
Antonio, who is trained as an architect and interior designer, pours his profound knowledge of materials in unexpected ways into the creation of unique objects. He lives and works in London.

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• November 16, 2021

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