Barely Art

Untitled - Chris Rangel

Barely Art is a group of friends with wide ranging backgrounds and abilities brought together at Life drawing sessions in central London. Originally just a handful of enthusiastic individuals flipping through each other’s sketchbooks, it has evolved into a network of both Professional and non professional artists who encourage and inspire each other on a weekly basis.
From a fascination with the challenge of capturing the human figure, to seeing how to apply that in the wider scope of creativity, this exhibition is the culmination of a long discussed ambition of the group to ‘bare’ our work to a wider world. The tongue in cheek name of the group is as much a defence of our abilities as it is a reflection of the subject matter.
The 10 Artists showing here hope to represent the much wider cross section of individuals also in this group, and indeed the hundreds of people who go life drawing across the UK every week.

5th to 14th December
Private View 6th December


Adrian - Will Shuler

Adrian – Will Shuler

Wobbly Woman - Mark Facer

Wobbly Woman – Mark Facer

Untitled - Vanessa Hodder

Untitled – Vanessa Hodder

Untitled - Zlatena Atanasova

Untitled – Zlatena Atanasova

Untitled - Chris Rangel

Untitled – Chris Rangel

undead - Claire Blustin

undead – Claire Blustin

Thames view - Ed Bucknall

Thames view – Ed Bucknall

Life Drawing - Debra McFarlane

Life Drawing – Debra McFarlane

• November 29, 2017

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