Brian Reinker

Brian Reinker’s practice is fuelled by his interest in landscapes, urban environments and colour theory resulting in refined, abstracted and simplified artworks that references abstract forms and Op-Art.

For the past few years, He has been working exclusively in mixed media, using paper, foil, card and vinyl mounted on aluminium panels and framed. These works are a challenge to make, as once set down and adhered to the panels, there’s no possibility of amending them. This technique also gives the composition a unique, textured quality.

Recent series include ‘London Sky’, and ‘Fragmented Landscapes’ are based on abstracted landscapes and “Rainbow Series” that is based on the recent NHS rainbow, the pride flag and the colours of the rainbow. The recently completed ‘Wall Series’ and ’Travel Scape Series’ both reference our new realities that COVID has brought to society with restrictions on movement and social boundaries. The Travel Scapes are based on memories of travel through Europe before the travel bans and the Wall Series explores mental and physical boundaries brought about by social changes and the feeling of being trapped. These works use linear elements, repetition, colour, texture and optical illusion to create images of real and imagined places.

Working from his studio in Waterloo, London, his work can be found in collections in the UK, France, Spain, South Africa, Australia, Argentina and The USA.