Didem Ünlü

Didem Ünlü was born in lstanbul and studied in the painting department at Marmara University.

Ünlü lived in London between 1993 and 2009 and is currently living and working in Istanbul.

The artist has taken part in group exhibitions and had solo exhibitions in England, Germany, Istanbul and Greece.

Ünlü’s works, which come to the forefront with their unique productions created with materials such as newspapers, invoices and patterns, deal with personal and social memory. Through her works, she creates an interpretation of history and the visual presentation of history. The photos serve as a starting point in the process of painting. Her paintings, inspired by her private history, form a bridge between London and Istanbul, as well as between the ‘Now and Then’.

She revises her personal history and creates family portraits that evoke a social memory value for the audience.
In her works, she aims to go beyond self-reference and subjective references and to find space for the audience’s own story and history to unfold.