Different Bodies

Marie, 2020, Oil on Canvas

September 10th, 2021, London – Joshua Press is pleased to present his debut solo exhibition, ‘Different bodies’. Bringing together a series of individual and group portraits, including drawings as well as paintings, the exhibition will take place at 139 Whitfield Street, London, from 5th to 10th October 2021.

Created over the past three years at Press’s home studio in North London, this selection of images brings traditional ideas of painting into a contemporary context. Working strictly from observation, Press’s process of figurative invention and reinvention engages closely with the activity and perception of light. The flat surfaces of paint, invested with patient and intricate study, suggest luminous paths toward the comprehension of pure form.

Exhibition highlights include ‘Marie’ (2020), a figurative interior with close tonal arrangements, and ‘Self Portrait (meme milieu)’ (2021), where expressive strokes inspired by Pompeian frescoes evoke an exciting surface and complex colour harmony.

Isabel in the Kitchen, 2021

Isabel in the Kitchen, 2021

• September 29, 2021

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