Everything Must Go

8th – 14th August, open daily 10am – 5pm

Private view 9th August, 6 – 9pm


Motivated by spontaneity, rapidity and immediacy, Everything Must Go is a week-long exhibition showcasing the work of three artists with practices that while being unique, share techniques and themes that unify them effortlessly.

Billy Bagilhole, a Welsh artist now living and working in London, explores the delicate themes of memory, the human experience and the mundane everyday in his bold yet detailed pieces. Using repetition and symbolism, Bagilhole creates distinctive sorties within his paintings, leaving interpretation open to the viewer. The expression encapsulated in these pieces is unmatched; creating a sense of eerie, yet comforting nostalgia.

Cab Kenningale, based in Suffolk, creates striking paintings on canvas and paper using materials that provide quick results, such as oil bar, household gloss and collage. Exploring the balance between symmetry and asymmetry, Kenningale thrives from disorder. Embracing what others might see as chaos, Kenningale welcomes unrest and uses it to his advantage, building from and manipulating the ‘accidental’. The results are confronting large scale works with a narrative embedded in every brush stroke, seam and collage.

Tom Elliot, living and working in South East London, investigates the realm of abstraction through painting, drawing and collage. Calling on instinct, Elliot experiments with playful mark-making and collage, allowing spontaneity to take control. His work references the built environment; the layering of municipal signage, street art and posters that create accidental urban curations. Elliot’s work is a culmination of passion and intrigue, communicated through his unmistakably vibrant works of art.


Connected through overlapping motifs, striking use of colour and impressive use of scale, Everything Must Go is a celebration of three artists with a similar goal; to create with sincerity.