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Lexapro or zoloft for anxiety and depression

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Lexapro or celexa better for anxiety -relief than tricyclic antidepressants? One study shows a very strong correlation between person's use of SSRIs and their risk developing a mood disorder later in life. This is a particularly troubling finding for me, as I am one of the lucky ones who has never taken any SSRIs, and one of the lucky ones who has not been affected by the adverse events of this class antidepressant. But there may be other people who are not as lucky or safe. In light of the recent publication by Dr. Ira Flatow and Martin A. Posner of the Journal Clinical Psychiatry that found tricyclic antidepressants do seem to have a higher risk of inducing severe and enduring mental health problems in long-term users, I would like to know whether you've read Flatow and Posner's review of the literature. Here are my notes: 1. There are some studies showing that there is a statistically significant reduction in the severity of anxiety patients taking the SSRIs such as Prozac and Paxil (in the 6 8-week studies, respectively). There is not a statistically significant reduction in the risk of development depression or bipolar disorder, but the reduction in anxiety is clearly significant. Flatow and Posner state that "the findings suggest SSRI use can help mitigate the impact of these psychiatric illness." However, they admit that this is a preliminary finding, and further research is needed. The fact that anxiety is lower in the short-term compared to long-term should not diminish the importance of treating depression. 2. The main cause of serious depression is the inability to meet one's mental needs. Therefore, if a person using SSRIs feels depressed, they are more likely to be ill-informed and will less likely to be able meet their mental needs for medication. Furthermore, an individual who is ill-informed about their depression will need much more medication to meet their needs. The less of mental needs are met by medication, the less likely they will be to make improvements in their depression. 3. There is a huge difference between "relieving depression" and "solving depression." We will never end depression in this country unless we cure the cause and restore need to meet one's mental needs. There are lots of drugs out there that will improve the quality of our lives, but they will never restore the essential need to be well-informed and know what is wrong with one's problem. 4. The primary cause of depression is the inability to meet one's mental needs. The SSRIs should not be used against their very strong beneficial effects on depression. And as far the study goes, there was no comparison group who only received the SSRIs for a short-time. Flatow and Posner do acknowledge this, but this would have been a very small study which would have been too small to demonstrate a substantial reduction in the risk of this form depression in the long-term. 5. The most important conclusion of study was that the reduction in anxiety after six weeks of paroxetine was not statistically significant in patients with major depressive disorder. They are probably suffering from a "post-acute stress response" where they were more depressed than the patients who only received paroxetine for six days. There should never be more than one depressive episode in a lifetime. If we do not cure the cause of depression, we will never eliminate the risk of chronic depression and its associated symptoms.

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Lexapro is used for treating depression or generalized anxiety disorder.

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Lexapro or prozac for ocd, and it only makes you drowsy. I have recently taken 3mg brompheniramine (Bupropion) with Diclegine and it worked. I take 10mg of Diclegine on top that and it also makes me drowsy. So what you are asking is why can't get the same results with Bupropion but only 1 pill. Anecdotally, I have some friends who take bupropion and they do not get drowsy with 1 pill, as long their Bupropion dose is consistent. Thanks. But you shouldn't just trust everything that a doctor says and the advice you get from a pharmacist. Especially considering the fact that you have already taken a similar dosage of Prozac and got the exactly same effect. Lexapro 20mg $238.44 - $0.88 Per pill If you get a bad reaction/bad effect from drugs you've taken before, you may be taking the wrong combination and not taking it as prescribed. Best wishes, Steve Rohit Moderator Hi,I'll try these, and I think have an answer. My brother takes 10 mg of Prozac each day in addition to Adderall XR. He's been taking the same dosage for a while lexapro better for anxiety or depression and hasn't had any problems, he takes a 2.5 mg tablet of brompheniramine every now and then. I went to the doctor at start of this year and he said it was due to an error in labeling. There should have been a warning about this, but he just gave me a free Bupropion. It has been working for him and is a great help while studying.I'm starting to wonder if brompheniramine may be the answer or if Prozac needs to be combined with something else. Drugstore mascara similar to benefit theyre real I think it might be very beneficial. I haven't come up with a good solution yet.Thanks,Steve.Regards, Rohit. Steve Wright Moderator Offline Activity: 314 Merit: 250 I'm Steve Wright, and a pirate. Sr. MemberActivity: 314Merit: 250I'm Steve Wright, and I'm a pirate. Re: Antidepressant: Over the counter facts and my take on them March 29, 2014, 05:06:13 PM #3 Quote The fact of matter is that most the information online on benefits and dangers of Prozac its competitors is over 20 years old and full of anecdotal limited scientific data. The 'gold rush' of antidepressant research started in the '90s and since has run into many challenges. The drug companies hired several hundred scientists to work on these new chemicals which have little to no benefits from clinical trials compared to the old standard therapy. research often started in secret, kept from the public and FDA, a great deal of the evidence is anecdotal. result that many antidepressant drugs are still on the market today cannot be taken by anyone with normal blood pressure. That's a problem because blood pressure medication can be dangerous if the heart muscles don't work normally. This can lead to low blood pressure, which can be fatal. Some of the newer antidepressants on market don't work like other antidepressants. Others have serious side effects that to be listed on the package insert. One of reasons Antidepressants in general are more expensive than other drugs is that FDA guidelines require all new drugs come with warnings about risks and side effects. Most prescription drugs in general don't have to list the side effects on their labels, but new antidepressants need to by law. The antidepressants that have been considered for approval over the past several years by FDA are only slightly less effective than older antidepressants, and some have a much higher risk of making the heart muscles work slowly or become sluggish. Some of the newer antidepressants work as a way to ease depression, not cure it. The latest study on Prozac is only a small survey with sample size of only 5 patients, but it used a new method to measure drowsiness which will produce data that may allow Prozac to go out into the marketplace. That study is still in process and may take several years. At the moment FDA is not approving new products based on drowsy studies that require a very low dose of substance. The main reason that antidepressants do not work like other antidepressants is because of two things: 1. Newer antidepressants don't do as well older ones. Many of the other new antidepressants (mostly based on the work of two men: Albert Hoffman, who gave the first name 'Cannon' to new antidepressants, and Donald lexapro or celexa better for anxiety P. Shively, who did the most on newer antidepressants) are not as effective newer formulations of older antidepressants. In 2006 a study by Shively and colleagues at the Yale University School of Medicine.


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