I opened myself up to the gentle indifference of the world

Alex Dipper-Davies
Alexandra Kouts
Hongyi Jia
Shum King
Tara Hula Garigue
Marina Kaldy
Jonah Fried
Jocelyn Nicole

This exhibition explores the relationship between self and society. It will gather artists’ responses to the task of sustaining the self IRL and URL, touching on the urban environment, social media and contemporary spirituality.

The growing urban population has created a culture of isolation. Jonah unwraps the claustrophobia that is amplified in the digital space through constant voyeurism. Mutualism is discussed by Tara in the context of how much we must rely upon each other digitally. Hongyi questions our response to each other in our public and private areas.

The Personal photography of social media is satirised through grotesque fictional imagery in Alexandria’s work. Henry and Marina create relatable invented narratives within personal archives that depict unexplained moments in time.

In an age where religion and spirituality is being questioned increasingly by younger generations, the benefits of going back to primal spirituality is contrasted by Alex with the contemporary practice of self-care that Jocelyn researches. The self becomes the spiritual leader.

7 March – 17 March

The exhibition is open daily 12 – 4pm

Private view 7 March 6 – 9pm