Jamie Gallagher: Post Normality Reality Disorder — Redux

Coinciding with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Fitzrovia Gallery presents Post Normality Reality Disorder — The Redux by Jamie Gallagher (b. 1977, Edinburgh). The exhibition follows up on the artist’s solo presentation at The Whittox Gallery, Frome, in 2019, further exploring the concept of a ‘post-normal’ era. Society, according to Gallagher, has entered a stage in which injustices are left unchallenged; disruption to political stability and cultural progress are quietly observed through tribal echo-chambers. This recent body of work reflects the psychological impact of the normalisation of these extremes.

Gallagher paints predominantly in oils, taking advantage of the medium’s tactility to explore the border between figuration and abstraction. His practice is foremost concerned with materials and in particular the behaviour of paint; there is never an intent to create a specific image but Gallagher makes decisions as the paint assumes unforeseen forms and interactions on the canvas. This close relationship to the medium, where the author takes the cue from their material, is the driving force behind Gallagher’s painting. Thick impasto and raw linen to delicate gold leaves and bleeding inks are all instinctive marks, part of an image forged in the process. The resulting images are at times raw or even brutal, a pure translation of visceral forces at play.

After graduating from the University of the West of England, Gallagher went on to become a Creative Director. In a career spanning twenty years marked by numerous awards, he worked in a range of media including print, photography, and film. Parallel to his professional life, Gallagher established himself as a painter. He is a member of the Androteche Collective, London, and has exhibited at The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, Moniker Art Fair, Sydney, Espacio Gallery, London, and Blackwater Gallery, Cardiff.

For more information:
E. jamie.gallagher@me.com

Mon 30th May 1-5

Tues  31st 11am – 9pm  (private view 6-9pm)

Wed 1st June 11am-7pm
Thu 2nd 11am – 7pm
Fri 3rd 11am – 7pm
Sat 4th 11 am – 7pm

Sunday 5th 12am – 4pm