Jolyon Fenwick


Educated at Eton and Bristol University, Jolyon is the author of three books: Einstein’s Watch (Profile Books November 2010), It Could Have Been Yours (Profile Books November 2011) and Zero Hour: Views from the Parapet of the Somme (Profile Books June 2016). Zero hour accompanied Jolyon’s much acclaimed The Zero Hour Panoramas photography exhibition at the Sladmore Gallery in the summer of 2016. ‘What Owen, Sassoon and the other war poets put into words, Fenwick has captured visually with his photographs. Among the many books and artworks produced in honour of the centenary of World War 1, Fenwick’s is perhaps the most unusual and the most moving.’ DAILY MAIL 23 June 2016. Jolyon lives in the Cotswolds with a cerebrally-unfurnished Labrador called Rawley.

• October 29, 2021

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