Kiss the Sky

19th to 30th March
Opening Hours : daily 12 – 5pm

The paintings on display endeavour to provoke a sense of intimacy and experience by stimulating emotion and memory that defies linear cartography or familiarity of place.
My paintings present as abstract landscapes and skyscapes with hints of embodied memory and a sense of place, but challenge an obvious reading of the painted surface. Often ethereal and immersive the paintings draw on the psychology of colour to influence and trigger a deeper emotional connection or reaction.
My paintings expand on my love of the colour field painters. I have always been fascinated with power of colour and composition to elicit visceral emotions from its viewer. It is with hope that my works can connect an emotional bridge between the power of nature and its forces to a deep internal relationship and connection with the ‘Self’.

NED (Neil Horenz-Kelly) M.F.A