Like a Single Pomegranate

10th – 14th October, open daily 10am – 6pm
Private view 9th October, 6pm-8pm

Almas Art Foundation is delighted to announce its forthcoming week of projects celebrating the remarkable works of Souad Abdelrasoul.

Like a Single Pomegranate, curated by Sahar Behairy, will bring together a compelling selection of paintings and drawings by the Cairo-based artist. The exhibition will mark the launch of a short documentary film on the artist as well as a publication featuring insightful texts by Sahar Behairy, Dr Orabi Mohamed Fayad, and Fatima Ali, produced by Almas Art Foundation.

Souad Abdelrasoul’s art encapsulates moments of both struggle and triumph experienced by women navigating the complexities of a patriarchal system. Her work delves deep into the human experience, transcending conventional boundaries to offer a profound exploration of empowerment, self-discovery, and the intricate interplay between the human body and mind. Her creations are adorned with intricate symbols drawn from nature and enriched with literary references, expanding and enriching her characters’ stories. This exhibition promises to be a thought-provoking journey through art, challenging norms and inspiring a fresh perspective on life.

Souad Abdel Rasoul’s work mirrors her bold, strong, and free thoughts. Her paintings communicate loudly, introducing a new vocabulary that transforms the female body into a concept in itself—one that is complete, balanced, and stands firmly against any authoritarian reality existing beyond her canvas.

Souad Abdelrasoul’s artistic practice spans various media, seamlessly blending drawing, painting, sculpture, and graphic design. Operating in the liminal space between the abstract and figurative, she intertwines human, animal, and vegetal forms, underpinned by the belief that we are all intrinsically connected to the earth. On her canvases, tree-like figures with branching veins and arteries converge with colossal insect-like creatures, serving as poignant reminders of the profound bond between our internal worlds and the external environment we inhabit.

Almas Art Foundation (AAF) is a London based non-profit organisation that is committed to celebrating the invaluable contributions made by African and African diaspora artists to Modern and contemporary visual arts. AAF aims to present and create an awareness for the practices of established and mid-career African and African diaspora artists through a programme of publications, exhibitions and films, documenting these artists’ practices for a new generation of African artists, scholars and the wider international art community.

Souad Abdelrasoul’s paintings exalt in the feminine and the emotional. They explore the idea of the modern woman, informed by her own experiences of being a woman in a patriarchal society. Many of her motifs address these issues, whilst also making reference to artists and practices that she admires. Reflecting on her experiences as a mother, Abdelrasoul draws attention to the ways women evolve and adapt in oppressive environments. Often using familiar myths and legends, she paints stories through her figures that question the roles women hold in society and cultural history in disruptive and thought-provoking ways. By reconceptualizing perceptions of space, she repurposes notions of form, science and nature into strikingly personal configurations.

Souad Abdelrasoul’s practice spans various media, incorporating drawing, painting, sculpture and graphic design. Working between the abstract and figurative, she intertwines human, animal and vegetal forms, believing we are all intrinsically connected to the earth. Tree-like figures with branching veins and arteries and giant insect-like creatures merge on her canvases to remind the viewer of the vital bond between our internal lives and the exterior world we live in.

Abdelrasoul graduated with a BFA in 1998 from Minia University and in 2005 completed her master’s degree in History of Art. In 2012, she completed her PhD in Modern Art History. Since 1998, she has exhibited frequently in group and solo exhibitions in Cairo, as well in Nairobi, Beirut and the USA.