Material Matters

Material Matters is a joint exhibition which brings together two artists fascinated by the material wrought-ness of the art object. Son and father, Philip and Charles Gurrey, have never exhibited work together before and this exciting new exhibition connects their deliberate and separate practices for the first time through a commitment to their given mediums.
The work in this exhibition explores themes of war, history, politics and power. These works are framed by an explicit commitment to truth, form and process and both of their very separate material investigations, though firmly grounded within the traditions of their given mediums, let ‘nothing inherited go unchallenged’1. The layers of meaning within the creation and reception of these artworks shows us that not experience alone but only thought that is fully saturated in experience is key to developing any understanding or notion of truth within art.
Opening reception: Tuesday, November 7th 6-9PM
Exhibitions dates: November 8th – November 17th 10am-6pm weekdays, 10am-5pm weekends.

Past. Oil on Canvas 150x150cms

Mine. Oil on Canvas 150x150cms

Mimesis. Graphite and Gesso on Canvas 128x102cms

Lost. Oil on Canvas 55x46cms (1)

Earth. Gesso & Pigment on Canvas 77x92cms

The Keres Sisters Sang. Carved Planked Oak Panel 56x72x6cms

Showcase Plate. Carved Planked Oak Panel 56x64x6cms

Plate-faced Warriors. Carved Planked Oak Panel 56x69x5cms

Our Gods Are Out. Carved Planked Oak Panel 56x76x6cms

No Saving Touch Of Ugliness. Carved Planked Oak Panel 56x62x6cms