Mirror and shadow

5th – 10th ,March, 2024 open daily 12 – 6pm
Private view 5th March, 6 – 8pm

The exhibition “Mirror and Shadow,” curated by Oscar Yin, delves into the profound themes of social cognition and personal identity recognition. It employs the powerful metaphors of the mirror and shadow to explore the nuances of self-perception and identity.
Mirrors serve as a reflection of the self, both literally and metaphorically. They allow individuals to see themselves as others see them, thereby facilitating a form of self-cognition. The mirror metaphorically reflects not only our physical appearance but also our internal moral compass, influenced by the annals of history and societal norms. It represents the objectified self and the completion of self-perception through societal lenses. Thus, the mirror becomes a tool for introspection, a means to confront and reconcile with one’s self-image and societal roles.
Shadows, on the other hand, represent the inextricable link between humans and their actions. Since the beginning of time, shadows have been constant companions to humans, mimicking every movement and serving as a silent witness to human behaviour. The shadow is seen as an alter ego, a parallel existence that reflects our actions and behaviours in real-time. It is a visual representation of our presence in the world, embodying the essence of our actions and the transient nature of our existence.
Through the juxtaposition of mirror and shadow, the exhibition explores the complex dynamics of self-awareness and self-identity. It invites visitors to contemplate the ways in which we perceive ourselves and how our actions and societal reflections shape our identity. The theme of mirror and shadow serves as a conduit for understanding the multifaceted layers of personal identity, encouraging a deeper exploration of the self.
The exhibition showcases the work of twenty artists, each bringing their unique perspective to the theme. Through a diverse array of mediums and artistic expressions, the artists navigate the realms of self-perception and identity. Their works invite viewers to reflect on their own self-image, the shadows they cast, and the interplay between their perceived and actual selves.
In essence, “Mirror and Shadow” is not just an exhibition; it is an introspective journey that challenges viewers to confront and understand their own identities through the lenses of social cognition. It underscores the importance of self-awareness and the role of societal influences in shaping our perceptions of ourselves and others.

Oscar Yin
Harry Hou
Zian Zou
Mal H
Tia Liu
Isaac Andrews
Xing Chen
Yifan Wei
Qingyu Liu
Jihun Song
Logan Gu
Yanxin Ma
Maxim Xing
Yang Yu
Yunshan Du
Shengdi Cui
Sijia Liu
Juno Huang
Yufeng Pan
Wenyue Hua
Meixuan Li
Xingzi Gan