More Bad News – David Caines and Angela Hogg

21st to 26th June. Open daily 9.30am – 6pm. Private view 22nd June 9 – 6pm.

Two artists, each working with a collection of found or acquired objects and imagery from the past. Whilst starkly different in form, placed together in the gallery these artworks invite an encounter with an archive of human history, reconfigured. MORE BAD NEWS traces the borders of the archaic human impulse to display ornaments, the oscillations between good and bad taste, and the presence of clowns.
Disinterred objects and images return – reanimated, reassembled and mutated. Filled with mirth and with sadness.

David Caines is an artist based in London. He began his figurative series of paintings, Ordinary Monsters, in 2007. This series has continued to develop ever since, recently spurred on through the solitude of the pandemic, and then by participation in the Turps Off Site programme 2020-21. New characters and scenarios continue to emerge – both haunted and haunting.

Angela Hogg is an artist and educator working out of London. Her practice of sculpture forged from disparate objects and ornaments emerged during lockdown. These artworks have kindled reflection on formative familial relationships, and the ways in which objects can be time-shift signifiers of environments we may wish to forget, or resentfully remain attached to.