Nicholas Fudge

Fudge is seen by many as “the Missing YBA” as he studied painting at Goldsmiths and was at the heart of the group of Young British Artists who jump-started a cultural revolution in the British art world of the late 1980’s. In 1992, Fudge showed his work for the first and only time in a group show with other YBA artists Sarah Lucas and Mat Collishaw in a show curated by Michael Landy at Karsten Schubert after which he went completely underground and moved to America to make his work on the road and in solitude for over twenty-five years.

During those years Fudge never showed his work to anyone and kept his entire oeuvre stored away on out-moded Mac OS hard drives that are almost entirely impossible to access by anyone with a modern laptop. Fudge’s drives stored a hidden system of image files and archives that have evolved alongside of the acceleration of the informational superhighways of Silicon Valley and personal computing in the Cloud.

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