noise in the shadow

9th – 21st January, open daily 1 – 7pm (Sunday 1 – 4pm)
Drink reception 13th January 6 – 8pm

noise in the shadow is the first solo exhibition in the UK by the Japanese artist, Julie Hayashi.
Currently supported by the Pola Art Foundation, Hayashi has been based in London, engaging in a stay-and-create process spanning approximately 10 months.
Drawing on her background in the study of Japanese art history and traditional painting restoration, she employs traditional techniques known as Nihonga to create works expressing the dialogue between oneself and nature.

In this exhibition, she presents works inspired by the theme of “Noise,” discovered through her travels. The Japanese term “Sawari” refers to the noise produced along with the vibration of strings on instruments such as the shamisen. However, the word “Sawari” also carries the meaning of being the most captivating highlight. The deliberate incorporation of noise close to nature is where the value is found. In this era that often demands clarity and inevitability, Hayashi emphasizes the importance of noise, which is typically avoided. She believes that in the subtle, uncertain, and what naturally emerges lies the wellspring of creativity that humanity should carry into the future.

Following the expressions naturally arising from materials, she resonates with her surroundings, occasionally moving the creative process outdoors to engage in a dialogue with nature, encompassing elements such as wind and rain. She creates her works while navigating between self and nature, and is challenging herself to explore new expressions by overlaying the serendipity found on Japanese paper, likened to noise. We would be delighted if you could take a moment to appreciate her works.