Patrick Astwood

I am a self-taught artist and designer based in Bath, UK. An inquisitive and insatiable practitioner, my career has spanned most visual art forms, from collage and drawing, through to photography, painting and most recently screen writing and film.

Since my earliest experimentation with collage and oil painting, I have been driven by a need to create new forms and challenge my way of seeing the world. The role of art in my life from the very beginning was to escape a grey, mundane world and upset my routine way of relating to things. This partly explains my ongoing interest with colour and form in my work.

Cutting and pasting paper into non-familiar arrangements and discovering the exciting and surprising versatility of oil paint and ink was exciting and transformative in ways I did not expect. My experimental approach has led me through a number of styles and schools from the spontaneous and expressionistic to Edward Hopper style realism, and to my current interest in printmaking.