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Graphic artist and designer Patrick Astwood is pleased to announce a new exhibition of giclee prints at the Fitzrovia Gallery in London. The exhibition, titled PRISM, features work from a year long process of image design and printmaking. The exhibition will run from march 1st to 11th.
Patrick’s particular obsession with colour and form began two years ago when he embarked on a series of ‘raw’ acrylic spray-painted canvases. The pieces had a purity and vibrancy that were both impactful and strongly evocative, often encouraging the viewer to project their own narrative onto the paintings. The pieces were exhibited at the Grant Bradley Gallery in Bristol in 2014 as part of a group show.
“PRISM has taken me in a different direction,” says Patrick, “I wanted to work with figurative images and more recognisable forms, but then use colour to subvert and transform familiar objects, and challenge viewer perceptions.”
Using a number of techniques, including photography, screen printing and digital manipulation, Patrick’s method involves an intense process of superimposition, refraction and deconstruction. The resulting images remain familiar, but through the rearrangement of colour, boundaries and textures, they are transformed into more abstract forms. Reminiscent of Warhol-style pop art images, the collection portrays a diverse range of subjects.
“I use a number of processes in my work, but I am above all an image-maker. For me what matters is the end product. I like my images to be visually arresting, and sometimes thought provoking, but fundamentally something you want to hang on your wall!”
A private view will held be on Monday 29th February for selected guests, and Patrick plans to host a small number of themed events around the exhibition, to be confirmed nearer launch date. Check gallery website and for more details.

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• February 17, 2016

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