Reconnect Exhibition

The Reconnect Exhibition is an exclusive initiation that, literally, unites London-based institutions under a creative platform. Organised under the collaboration of The Courtauldian, The Slade Society, History of Art Society of UCL, and Goldmisths Art Society, Reconnect will exhibit the talents, expressions and artistic output of 37 selected artists. Ranging from painting to photography, from ceramics to videography, the collection of artworks demonstrate the ways in which the emerging generation of artists have been affected by the long-lasting period in disconnecting with the urban fabric around them, their emotive or sensuous forces, nature, or even their own heritage. Consisting of works that signify the vigorous expressive force in the artists, the collection of the exhibition invites the audience to enter an active dialogue that raises questions or solves issues while introducing several dichotomies between personal and public or nature and urban. Reconnect will take the audience through a journey that begins by inviting visitors to indulge and experience the personal connections that artists expose and ends with stimulating a personal connection with something that they have been disconnected with during such alienated times.

The exhibition will take place during June 4/5/6 between 12pm to 8pm, with an early ending at 6pm on Sunday. Though the entry is free, we require our visitors to book tickets from the link below in order to meet Covid-19 restrictions and regulations.

Garlake, E. Knol, F. Emery, E. Mederios, E. Bucci, L. Lingwood, P. Kohandel, N. Sajjad, M. Illie, S. Chau, J. Maree, E. Teo, S. Meyer, J. Ward, V. Longman, S. Zafar, A. Davey, A. Haquin, S. Harman, E. Petherick, M. Raz, B. Paley, N. Tsai, Y. Watson, P. Bhoan, A. Langdon, C. Kirby, E. Middleton, G. Ashrowan, L. He, Y. Nelson, E. Sellam, A. Geronimi, C. Chun, N. Skoglösa, L. Davey, G. Carter, A.