The beauty of transience

The beauty of transience by Margot Olejniczak, 14 to 26 November 2016

Constant change is an inevitable part of life: all things continuously evolve and eventually die. Transience remains a very important concept in Japanese philosophy and is strongly present in Japanese art. Each moment and stage of existence should be appreciated and enjoyed. This ephemeral aspect of all things is strongly reflected in Sumie – Japanese ink painting.

This exhibition of Japanese ink painting presents some unique moments and fragile stages of nature: the carp jumping out of agitated water with incredible energy freezes in the air for a fleeting moment of immortality; the broken pine tree still touches one with its dignified power; the heron enjoys the silence of the winter landscape; light snow covers the forest in profound tranquility.
On the one hand, change is difficult to accept, but on the other, it opens new perspectives and is full of potential. Moreover, this uniqueness of each moment makes it very precious, something to be treasured.

This exhibition will not only stir emotion, but will arouse moments of reflection on life – ephemeral and elusive, and yet so unbearably beautiful.