The Fall

Apollinaire Fine Arts announces its inaugural London show, The Fall, an exhibition of works by two established American artists, Ernesto Caivano and Anna Laurent. The Fall runs at Fitzrovia Gallery 10 – 28 May.
Inspired by a passion for natural forms, each artist draws on a rich heritage of artistic and scientific illustration. Together they take the viewer on a journey through an unfamiliar wonderland in which all is not what it seems, where abstraction turns out to be figurative, and figuration a route back to abstraction. Playing on the multiplicity implicit in the word ‘Fall’, both in its denoting of autumn, harvest and nature and its biblical connotations, the exhibition presents alternate universes, shifting from our ‘real’ environment – known, familiar and nevertheless breathtaking – to one conceived in the mind’s eye, converging in the liminal space between the real and the imagined.

Pinus johanis

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DW 20170318_009 Fossil and Leif

Bio image - ernesto

Bio image - Anna

Banksia integrifolia


Anemone vitifolia 2

2012 EC D004