The House of Power

Monica Colussi is proud to introduce The House of Power, featuring the work by Nasser Teymourpour whose exhibition explores a body of work which has been created following his immigration from Iran. The artworks are result of the change in life style and in personal and social concerns, which he has brought with himself, concerns that emigration never succeeded to spoil. On the contrary they turned into a mental exercise or perhaps an ideal reality, which may not have much relevance with the reality of Iran’s society today yet have become the inseparable part of his life and of his art! These are concerns of a homeland that the emigrant carries with himself everywhere.
Based on their conceptual nature, these works are not dependent on a single medium and each piece has been created and presented using the medium, which is best suited for the concept.
Teymourpour’s current theme of work see’s him taking a step away from using excessive materials,and focusing on working with a more stripped down palette incorporating his own bodily substances including hair, skin, blood and various medium in his art.
He also pays specific attention to the actual process of producing his works and considers this to be an important part of the work and that the “hows” and “whys” of the process contribute to the end result.

6 June to 14 July 2017

from Bluedom Series. Digital Photograph on metalic paper

From zourkhaneh Series.200x150cm pencile on paper

Taste Of Intellectualism And Terrorism Readymade sculpture