1st – 7th April open daily 12 – 6pm
Private view 2nd April, 6 – 9pm

Sezin Aksoy’s solo exhibition titled “Transit” brings together a selection of the artist’s recent artworks with curation of Ilayda Uzunarslan. In her works, figures inspired by nature; meet on the canvas with deep abstract contexts and detailed lines.
In the artist’s meditative art journey, we encounter depictions of human beings in different sizes, as well as animal and plant figures. Holding a mirror to different moods, identities and thoughts, the artist finds counterparts in nature for these differences and liberates the energies of these similar souls through her works.
Artist Aksoy, who attributes symbolic meanings to each color and texture, brings together in her works the invisible energy bonds between every living thing in nature. The “Transit” takes the audience on a deep exploration in the looking/seeing communication and invites them to find identical energies in nature.

Sezin Aksoy – Artist Resume
Sezin Aksoy is an artist based in London and Istanbul. She completed her Post-Baccelaurate Degree in School of Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University in 2006 and 4 years Diploma degress within a year with success at 2007. Aksoy completed an undergraduate degree with double major and double minor in business at Bryant University in 2003 and changed her career to Fine Arts as Painter and Performance Art in 2006. She has given four solo shows in Istanbul in major galleries and several group exhibitions internationally such as Barcelona, Salzburg, Paris, Tokyo and mainly London.

As an artist, the main focus of Sezin’s art is to focus on change in life, what is called ‘trans’ in the means of spirituality, form, space and mind of modern humans as we live in the inpermenance of time of modern world.

In her last series of work, Transit, she is concerned about the modern society’s need to neuteralize duality of emotions under the pressure of time and space by studying the traditional spiritual quests in Shamanism to present them a tranquil environment of true nature. In her small size paintings in Transit series, she is studying the cramped limited cosmopolitan space, where humans forget their true reality and humans’ need of connecting with nature and its healing forces. However, by creating a unique space within nature’s spirit through traditional quests; modern society may remember balance, peace and harmony of one’s true self transformation. Transit is the route, remedy and healing receipe of spirit’s connection in unity with every each study of colourful mushrooms, which helps trees to communicate and nature to fertilize itself through death and rebirth. Every different animal figure emphasizing emotional freedom through the use of symbols and color healing.

Sezin Aksoy is presenting us with Animal Medicine, and natures partnership with true self awareness. Every human’s interconnection to animals, nature, and Earth through detailed pointed brush strokes of animal figures such as colorful butterflies, dragonflies and insects at her solo show that is taking place at Fitzrovia Gallery. Transit is through finding personal self reflection under the emotional change of animals within spiritual connection. This is the quest to find true self through every each human and their true connection within unity of space. Under Transit, every each gazer will change harmful emotions of stress to uplifting healing emotions by remembering true self in traditional quest of shamanic Animal Medicine. Every chosen color in Sezin Aksoy’s work is representing human emotions under color healing. On the other hand, every chosen form of animal has a symbolic meaning in spirituality. Thus, they emphasize the need of self awareness through symbols, forms and color through her use of light.