11 – 17 March, open daily 11am – 5pm
Private view 14 March, 6 – 9pm

In each artist’s own universe, their works reflect their world. Universes can be dreamy, utopian, abstract, dystopian, realistic, exotic or romantic. Each universe carries the soul of the person and people it contains. Their identity, their thoughts, their dreams define their universe. The house, the universe, the body are actually the same. All of them host souls, thoughts, dreams and emotions.
In the “Universes” exhibition, artists define their own universes with their own techniques. From their own windows, their own lenses, their own souls, their own emotions, their own depths are reflected in their works and they expect to establish a connection with the audience.
Curator Ilayda Uzunarslan

Billur Engin
Dilek Hermenci
Hilal Danacı
Ibrahim Türk
Marinella Pashova
Özlem Yüksel
Sanem Güvercin
Sezin Aksoy
Tansel Tanyeri