Waiting for Time


Who controls the past controls the future.

Who controls the present controls the past.”

― George Orwell, 1984


Our world is fundamentally different from the dystopian nightmare in Orwell’s novel. But Orwell was right about one thing – Our reality is only a perception and raises the question:  Can it be manipulated beyond our control?


As Londoners were told to ‘stay home’ a new reality took shape for everyone – and a different story for each person. In this body of work Yamam explores the relationship between truth and fiction, between digital and analogue, colour, and black and white photography, and ultimately the relationship between reality and perception.


Over the course of one year, Yamam interviewed and photographed more than 50 Londoners and Berliners, using a modern mirrorless full-frame digital camera and a 1960’s medium-format Hasselblad 500cm analogue camera.  As people were struggling to adjust to the reality presented to them, Yamam recorded their individual experience during the pandemic and documented their reality. He sought to find out how perception can manipulate our senses during the pandemic.


Yamam’s aim was to capture the lockdown in a unique but delicate way, showing not only the emptiness of the lockdown but also tell the personal story of each participant.


Waiting for Time is housed in a specially commissioned virtual gallery, built by V21 Art Space, with 72 portraits split over two floors.


24th September – 2nd October, 12 – 6pm

Private view 23rd 6 – 9pm

0027 - Melania Wicks - XS 5cm

0023 - Jess Liaudin - XS 5cm

0014 Melissa Fung XS

• September 8, 2021

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