Water the Essential

Water the Essential is an exploration of the importance of water from the peaks of the mountains right through to the street fountains. The images illustrate the purity and majesty of water and its life giving properties both to animals and humans. In the future wars will be fought over water, and it is time for people to be aware how valuable it is.

The style of the photos distils the very element of water down to its simplest form. In doing so it evokes a spiritual relationship that man has with water and the essential nature of life. While we take advantage of the abundant supply of water, clean sources, are indeed precious and rare.

The artistic approach is from a painting perspective where reality is distilled to an abstract form, as if the image of small rocks has the energetic rhythm of a Pollock painting. The water lilies resonate the feelings of Monet or the fish by Matisse. Just as Georg Baselitz inverted his paintings, some of these images have been positioned alternatively to the original negative. In doing so, the viewer must question their true perspective and in doing so ask ones self, the true material nature of water and its integral part in all our existence.

DSC00410 (1) DSC03591 Exhibition Invite Niedelbad 2014 Rueschlikon light box 8