Persona Curada is pleased to present Yulele, a collaborative exhibition of works by Christian Vinck and Pablo Rodriguez Blanco.

‘Yulele’ is an invented word: a playful pun and an ode to the South. Whether pinned to the wall or spread out over the floor, their works run parallel in tune: Rodriguez Blanco’s minimal aesthetic and the striking quality of his childlike grown-up objects convey a well-thought process that respond to Vinck’s complex paintings and intricate details. The exhibition brings together freestanding installation, painting and watercolors. Visitors are invited to move and walk amongst the work, in which no two angles provide the same entry point.

Persona Curada is a non-profit experimental and itinerant gallery and curatorial project for Latin-American contemporary artists who are currently based and working out of Europe. Persona Curada commissions artists and writers, offering new and nomadic modes of exhibition making and dissemination through its core exhibition and public programs (events-based and short-term). Founded by Noelia Portela, the project is committed to realizing alternatives to dominant forms of cultural production in the public sphere.
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Noelia Portela





Exhibition hours:

Fri – Sat – Sun



Outside these hours please email persona.curada@gmail.com

• February 14, 2019

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