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Discere similique in nec, quaeque quaerendum necessitatibus

Hampstead Art Society

We are a group of passionate artists and art lovers eager to welcome you to celebrate with us London’s reawakening and its lively art scene.

Georg Meyer-Wiel

Georg Meyer-Wiel‘s interdisciplinary work encompasses multiple media and is inspired by both the natural world and movement. His paintings and drawings are a direct physical

Brian Reinker

Brian Reinker’s colourful abstractions and Op-Art based work depicts real and imagined places with the disciplined approach of an architect. Working in the language of

Alan Oliver

Alan Oliver is a weaver, dyer and printer-maker who uses traditional craft processes to make handwoven rugs, wall hangings and printed textiles. Oliver’s practice is

Laurence Causse

Born in France, educated in Paris and Britain, LAC’s first solo exhibition took place in India in 2003. Shuttling between countries and cultures, LAC takes

Brian Reinker

Brian Reinker’s practice is fuelled by his interest in landscapes, urban environments and colour theory resulting in refined, abstracted and simplified artworks that references abstract

Giuseppe Lana

Giuseppe Lana lives and works between Catania and London. He explores notions of history, memory, identity and time, developed through site- specific installations and the

Juan Crespo

Juan Crespo (Zaragoza, Spain _1987) lives and works in London. He is graduated in Fine Arts by Barcelona University where also completed the MRES “Artistic

Fred Clark

Fred Studied at the Prince’s drawings school and since 2013 has been living and working in London. He has had five solo shows over the

Ariel Helyes and Garrett Pruter

Ariel Helyes (b. 1992, Budapest) and Garrett Pruter (b. 1987, Los Angeles) are both based in London. Helyes works with video, painting, and digital imagery